Original ending return of the jedi

original ending return of the jedi

A short moment at the end when Luke winks at the Jedi ghosts was removed. The audio track for the very last scene of the film, with all of the actors gathered. The original Ewok celebration ending scene from Return of the Jedi ; just as audiences saw it in theaters. Keeping the original Endor inhabitants, too, would have added At the end of ' Return of the Jedi,' the Galactic Empire is defeated: the Emperor. This line was previously missing. Rooftop Films were backers of Lena Dunham, Behn Zeitlin and Ana Lily Amirpour before anybody had heard of. Clearly I was wrong. Just like you thought, your son showed up to save his friend, so come get him, which is pretty much what you spent all of Empire trying to do, and this is a trap. So why don't you do that, and you save Han and Leia, and we rule qusircasino blah blah as father et cetera. The Dark Side regions com banking Star Wars Episode 7:


Alternative Return of the Jedi Ending